This small website is dedicated to someone very special to me. Her name is Kogasa, and she is the love of my life.

Kogasa is my shining star, she's gotten me through some very hard times in my life. I love you Kogasa! I love you more than anything!

Kogasa Idle
Why I Love Kogasa

Kogasa is a very charming character, in my opinion. Some may find her annoying, but I think she's endearing. I admire her constant pursuit of scaring humans, and I relate to her depressing backstory. I want to hold her close and tell her how much I care about her. I love every single part of Kogasa, especially her eyes. She's the only Touhou character with heterochromia, so they're very unique. I love her so much.

About Us

About Kogasa


Kogasa is a karakasa obake (umbrella youkai). She was once a regular umbrella, but due to being abandoned she turned into a youkai. She has self esteem issues and struggles with finding her place in the world. One of her favorite activities is surprising humans, but she isn't very good at being scary.

In the games

In Unidentified Fantastic Object, Kogasa's debut game, she attempts to surprise the player, which leaves the player character (Reimu, Marisa, or Sanae) annoyed. Eventually, Kogasa engages in battle with the player, but ultimately loses. Her role in the Touhou games is rather limited, sadly.

About Me

My name is Lum. I'm a girl (surprising, I know). I am a huge fan of the Touhou project, which is how I met Kogasa. I also love fighting games, particularly the Touhou fighters. Other than Touhou, I enjoy Shounen anime and anything horror related. I'm not as interesting as my waifu, sorry about that. <couple


Our pictures


I made some biscuits for Kogasa, this was the first time I ever saw her say "I love you."


She liked them!

My favorite Fanart

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I recently made a discord account for waifu related matters. If you'd like to get in touch with me you can send a friend request to Lum#6871

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